Software Development


Softwares are also very economical tool in any organization which not only reduce the expenses of organization but also do the things systematically. By using any software you will feel the difference in your organization. Softwares provide a time saving plan for the organizations.We provide customized software for any type of company or organization according to client needs.

We have divided our work of Software Development in two categories in order to ease of understanding the problem for both The client & The Deveoper. These categories are :


Intended to meet the ever-changing needs of different organizations and institutions we offer powerful institutional software solutions. The power, flexibility and scalability of our institutional software products allow organizations to eliminate repetitive tasks, integrate better and produce customized reports with unlimited content and much more beyond that. Our cost effective software will help you manage your institutional operations effectively and efficiently.


Organizational software is one of the more successful and useful pieces of software out on the market today. It can be used to organize paper based or electronic documents, or pretty much anything you want organized. By keeping yourself organized and all your other things as well, your life becomes so much easier. As for organizational software, there are numerous kinds we can design for your benefit and ease. The organizational software designed and developed by us are a tool to simplify your work and life. We take care of everything ranging from ease of use to safety and security. So, if you wish to get an edge in the fast paced world, get yourself an organizational software solution designed by us and see the effect it produces.

Custom Software Solutions

iTHike has the ability to develop custom software for your organization as per your your requirement to make your business easier. Along with application software solution, we also provide a wide range of application management services such as application support and maintenance, re-engineering and testing. Here in iTHike we understand the value of our clients time and money by offering quickest software support services which reduce the software down time and increase performance.


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